The concept

Why rent?

It's economical

This is the average usage time of holiday-specific items that cannot be returned to next year because they are too small.
In three clicks, book everything your child needs!
Baby carriers, wetsuits, skis for pushchairs and even technical clothing are available for hire.

With Yapu-k & Co, rent clothes 50% cheaper than buying and forget about size and storage worries.

It's eco-friendly

57% of mountain clothing is thrown away for a reason other than wear and tear. At Yapu-k & Co, our clothes are re-rented to limit overproduction and overconsumption.

It's easier

This is the average weight of all your little one's things for his vacation.
Thanks to Yapu-k & Co and delivery to your vacation spot, there is no more anxiety about stuffing everything into the trunk of the car. Leave light and without the stress of forgetting something important!
In addition, it is an opportunity to use other means of transport. No more traffic jams and journey fatigue.

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The concept

How it works ?


In three clicks, book everything your child needs!

Baby carriers, wetsuits, skis for pushchairs and even technical clothing are available for hire.

You can rent them individually or by package according to your desires and needs!


You are delivered to your vacation spot!

Receive your order at your vacation spot or in one of its local shops.

An inventory of each product accompanies your order. This document allows us to guarantee you business in perfect condition!


Holidays and unforgettable memories are yours!

Yapu-k just enjoy your kids, snow and sun.


Ça y est c’est la fin des vacances !

A la fin de votre séjour, effectuez l’état des lieux de sortie des produits. Remettez tous les produits dans le packaging prévu pour le retour avant de le déposer dans un point relais.
N’hésitez pas à nous partager votre avis !

See all items available for rent

The concept

Our history

The story of Yapu-k & Co begins quite simply … during a babysitting.

Babysitting two little ones aged six months and two years in an Alsatian family that loves the Alps, I discovered one thing: the maddening number of things they need, the space they take up and the cost they represent. !

And this is accentuated when it comes to going on vacation. To be quiet and for the children to have everything they need, you should leave with a minibus filled only with their belongings! And to think that they are as high as three apples...

To avoid seeing a packed car once again on the road to vacation, I decided to create a new concept that can be adapted to all your destinations, the Yapu-k & Co concept.
In three clicks, book everything your little one needs for his vacation and receive it directly at your place of stay.

No more worrying about getting all the luggage in the trunk or the stress of having forgotten something. Just leave with your child and his cuddly toy, we'll take care of the rest!

My childhood in Haute-Savoie made me aware of the protection of mountains, natural spaces and the scenery of our holidays. So I wanted my concept to participate in this protection.
Yapu-k & Co favors Made In France products, local and taking into account the protection of the environment in their production process. This applies to the products offered but also to their packaging and the cleaning products used.

If you want to go on holiday peacefully with your child while respecting our planet, you've come to the right place!

Founder of Yapu-k & Co